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A super awesome social media marketing small business with limited time and resources. As a start-up, brand awareness and lead generation are priorities. Current marketing channels and tools are valued, but spread over multiple platforms with nothing to tie them together. Require a centralized digital channel to provide audiences with helpful resources and information.


Integrate multiple existing marketing channels into a new centralized website hub. Promote consistency and brand awareness by funneling traffic through a single comprehensive digital platform. Generate more leads through data analytics tracking/insights. Enhance customer experience through personalized automation and live-chat.

“Lee’s creativity and technical know-how are bar none. He provided me with a website solution that enhances my existing marketing tools and captures my unique brand. The site is fast, beautifully designed and works magic behind the scenes. Can’t wait to watch the traffic grow!”

Melissa Freire

Business Growth Strategist / Owner, Avidity Social Media

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